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About Surphy




The most important yet the most neglected part of human life is health. Sometimes it is lack of money that forced us to remain ignorant towards our health and sometimes it is due to the combination of our mere negligence, the absence of reliable adequate information about the disease, doctors, hospitals, modes of treatment available and financial affordability of treatment. 

Surphy provides a common platform for both healthcare seekers and healthcare providers which allow free flow of information.
Be it simply a search for a general physician for the common cold or it is a search of a hospital for the planning of any elective surgery, Surphy help you by providing all the necessary information needed to plan any type of treatment before actually undergoing that treatment at the place of your choice.
Surphy provides you the best possible price of most of the healthcare services available in the country. Surphy helps you to compare different hospitals in terms of facilities available, the team of doctors, the pricing of different treatment packages, etc so that you can take a well-informed decision. 
The concept of Surphy is crafted by experienced medical professionals who exactly knows the pain points of the healthcare sector in the country at both the healthcare provider and healthcare seeker side.
Surphy's mission is to create a more inclusive healthcare sector in the country so that more people will be able to receive quality health care and more people will be able to afford it. A transparent and competitive pricing at Surphy's platform will pave the way for more inclusive healthcare in the country. 
Surphy is going to be a big revolution in the healthcare sector of the country and this will surely lead to make us best at the global level in providing quality healthcare at affordable cost to the majority of the population.